How to Make a Fun Disney-Themed Breakfast at Home

Disney Themed Breakfast
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A Disney character breakfast is one of the highlights of a trip to Disneyland or Disney World for the little ones. Bring some of that magic to your home by creating a fun Disney-themed breakfast for your family to enjoy together at home.

There are many ways you can recreate Disney magic in your own kitchen, from Disney-shaped pancakes and waffles that you can make with special Disney appliances, to designing your own Mickey-shaped pancakes and drinks, to making your own version of foods you would buy at the park.

Why not do a little mix and match? We’ve put together some great ideas that we know your family will love, so you can surprise them with a fun Disney breakfast.

★ Also try these other great Disney recipes you can make at home.

Using Disney Appliances

We’ve seen some pretty cool appliances that make Disney-themed breakfast easier than ever. My personal favorite is the waffle maker featured below. These products can be purchased through ShopDisney, one of our favorite online stores for Disney apparel, products, and toys.

Mickey Mouse Waffles

I don’t know any kid who wouldn’t love eating these Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles. I don’t think I’d ever use the regular waffle iron again with this around the house.

The best part about this waffle maker is that it’s double sided – each side makes 3 waffles – so you can have 6 waffles done at once. Give this Classic Waffle Recipe a try.

These Mickey shaped waffles are a staple around the Magic Kingdom. You can get them at most breakfast locations and character breakfast’s. They are served with powdered sugar and syrup for dunking.

Mickey Mouse Toast

Mickey Toast

This Disney toaster will bring a bit of Disney magic to your kitchen, for sure. It’s a regular 2-slice toaster, but it leaves a fun Mickey impression on each piece of toast.

The best part about having this toaster around the house is that toast is an easy go-to breakfast for a kid, so they can make their own breakfast or snack without having to ask mom and dad! They will love this toaster so much that you may have trouble keeping bread in the house.

Toy Story Pancakes

Toy Story Pancakes

Brighten up your morning with Toy Story pancakes. This pancake maker makes two Toy Story-themed pancakes in minutes: Sheriff Woody’s star and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger-inspired logo.

I’m pretty sure I would have been making these every morning for breakfast if we had one of these when my son was little. He was in love with Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity and Beyond was a common phrase in our house.

Frozen Waffles

This waffle maker puts a new face on the phrase “frozen waffles”. These adorable snowflake waffles are any little girl’s new favorite breakfast food. The waffle maker is 500w so it’s not slow to cook, but it does only make one waffle at a time.

Get creative with these waffles! You can dress them up with colored sprinkles or dust them with a little bit of powdered sugar.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Breakfast Mold Set

I love these Mickey silicon molds. They allow you to make eggs and pancakes, but also jello or cookies or even biscuits. It’s a three-part set, so you can make a Mickey head, bow tie or pants.

Get creative with these and see what fun things you can make with them.

See the Mickey Silicon Molds on ShopDisney.

Make-Your-Own Disney Recipes

Disney’s Dole Whip

Dole Whip

While not strictly a breakfast food, this dole whip is so delicious you will want to add it to your Disney-themed breakfast menu. The line can be very long at the park for this treat which is well worth the wait. Here is a quick make-at-home recipe.

  • 1 Big Scoop of Ice Cream
  • 4 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 c Frozen Pineapple

Rasberry Rose Macarons

Raspberry Rose Macarons

These beautiful treats are available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland. They’re made in the shape of a Mickey head and they’re filled with a raspberry rose cream.

It’s not the easiest recipe to make, but it’ll definitely be a favorite at your Disney-themed breakfast.

★ Make these Raspberry Rose Macarons.

Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

Disney cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls can be found at DisneyWorld in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but if you’re not able to make it to Disney, that’s okay because you can make them at home!

You will not believe how easy it is to make this treat. And no, you don’t have to be a professional baker to achieve this masterpiece! With only 3 ingredients, these cinnamon rolls are affordable for anyone to make! 

★ Make these Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls.

Disney Churros

Disney Churros

Disney was kind enough to release their churros recipe to the public when the parks had to be closed at the beginning of 2020. Now you can make your favorite theme park treat at home. This is the Disney authentic churro recipe with step by step photos and tips to make this recipe perfect every time. 

These crunchy little bites of fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar are so good and they make a great addition to a breakfast spread, even if they are dessert! Serve them warm with a side of chocolate dipping sauce for the best sweet treat.

★ Make these Disney Churros.

Mickey Mouse Beignets

Disney Beignets

These adorable Mickey Mouse beignets are simple to make and addictively delicious. You can find them in Disney parks around the world, but now you can also make them at home!

Disney recently posted their recipe and the homemade version definitely lives up to the reputation. They’re chewy and crisp on the outside, and so light and soft on the inside. They are little bites of heaven and you will definitely not be able to stop snacking on them!

★ Make these Mickey Mouse Beignets.


There are so many great Disney-themed breakfast ideas you can make that it’s really a no-brainer to put on your own Disney breakfast at home. We hope you’ve been inspired to try a few of these ideas.

If you plan a Disney-theme breakfast at home, we’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments. Or tag us in your Facebook post!

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How to make a Disney-themed breakfast at home
How to make a Disney-themed breakfast at home

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