14 Disney Recipes You Can Make at Home

Disney Recipes to Try
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One of the really fun parts of visiting Disneyland and Disney World is all the fun and interesting food you can find in restaurants, bakeries, and food stalls all over the park. In this post, you’ll find 14 of our favorite Disney recipes that you can make at home.

Disney has spent so much time creating and conceptualizing the food they sell in their parks. They’ve even shared a bunch of their recipes on their website, so you can try them at home. And we’ve been doing just that!

Here are 14 make-at-home Disney recipes to try today. None of them are difficult, so don’t hesitate to give them a try. Also try these fun Disney-themed breakfast ideas.

Make-Your-Own Disney Recipes

Disney’s Dole Whip

Dole Whip

While not strictly a breakfast food, this dole whip is so delicious you will want to add it to your Disney-themed breakfast menu. The line can be very long at the park for this treat which is well worth the wait. Here is a quick make-at-home recipe.

  • 1 Big Scoop of Ice Cream
  • 4 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 c Frozen Pineapple

Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich

monte cristo sandwich

These Monte Cristo Sandwiches are stuffed with ham, turkey and cheese, then dipped in batter and deep fried. Finally they are dusted in powdered sugar and served with jam to dip them in.

They’re a fan favorite at Disneyland where they’re served at The Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square. The restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride set, with the same great atmosphere.

If you’ve ever been, you know that these Monte Cristo Sandwiches are one of the best things you’ll eat in Disneyland.

» Make these Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwiches.

Bacon Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes 

stuffed baked potato

Troubadour Tavern is a food stand is at the very back of Fantasyland, next to Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland. Their specialty is baked potatoes. They offer two different version – one is bacon and sour cream and the other is broccoli and cheese sauce.

This recipe combines both versions with bacon, broccoli and cheese. They make great for a weeknight when you want to get dinner on fast and easy.

» Make these Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

Epcot’s Violet Lemonade Recipe

violet lemonade

In case you aren’t familiar, Violet Lemonade is a fan-favorite drink that can be found at Epcot’s Flower And Garden Festival.

All you need to do to make this beautiful slushie is mix lemon juice, violet syrup, and ice in a blender.

» See the recipe for this Violet Lemonade.

Disneyland Caramel Apples

disney caramel apple

One of the highlights of a trip to Disneyland is their amazing caramel apples. The bakeries at Disneyland carry seasonal and creative caramel apple designs that are fun to choose between.

If you’re looking for a fun recipe to make with the kids at home that leads to some of the cutest treats, you’re going to want to try this recipe. Actually, this recipe includes two versions: Mickey Mouse candy apples and apple pie caramel apples. Why not try them both!

» Make these Disney Caramel Apples.

Disneyland’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich

chocolate peanut butter sandwich

Another fan favorite from Disneyland is the chocolate peanut butter sandwich from Pooh’s corner. These delicious little treats are chocolate dipped graham crackers that have a peanut butter filling. The whole thing is then dipped in even more chocolate. 

Be careful, these things are truly addictive!

» Make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

Rasberry Rose Macarons

Raspberry Rose Macarons

These beautiful treats are available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland. They’re made in the shape of a Mickey head and they’re filled with a raspberry rose cream.

It’s not the easiest recipe to make, but it’ll definitely be a favorite at your Disney-themed breakfast.

» Make these Raspberry Rose Macarons.

“The Grey Stuff” Oreo Mousse

You may have tried “The Grey Stufff” at Disney World in the Be Our Guest Restaurant. It’s a delicious chocolate mousse that’s served either on top of a cookie or cupcake, or in a bowl.

Disney shared their recipe for this delightfully whipped dessert, inspired by the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.”

» Make “The Grey Stuff” with this Disney recipe.

Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

Disney cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls can be found at DisneyWorld in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but if you’re not able to make it to Disney, that’s okay because you can make them at home!

You will not believe how easy it is to make this treat. And no, you don’t have to be a professional baker to achieve this masterpiece! With only 3 ingredients, these cinnamon rolls are affordable for anyone to make! 

» Make these Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls.

Disney Churros

Disney Churros

Disney was kind enough to release their churros recipe to the public when the parks had to be closed at the beginning of 2020. Now you can make your favorite theme park treat at home. This is the Disney authentic churro recipe with step by step photos and tips to make this recipe perfect every time. 

These crunchy little bites of fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar are so good and they make a great addition to a breakfast spread, even if they are dessert! Serve them warm with a side of chocolate dipping sauce for the best sweet treat.

» Make these Disney Churros.

Mickey Mouse Beignets

Disney Beignets

These adorable Mickey Mouse beignets are simple to make and addictively delicious. You can find them in Disney parks around the world, but now you can also make them at home!

Disney recently posted their recipe and the homemade version definitely lives up to the reputation. They’re chewy and crisp on the outside, and so light and soft on the inside. They are little bites of heaven and you will definitely not be able to stop snacking on them!

» Make these Mickey Mouse Beignets.

Other Disney-Themed Recipes

While you can’t get these recipes at the Disney parks, they were inspired by characters from beloved Disney movies and are super fun to make.

‘Frozen’ Elsa Cake

frozen elsa cake

If you have Frozen fans in your house, you’ll want to keep this cake recipe handy for a birthday party surprise. It uses ice cream as the base and a cute Elsa doll topper.

» Make this ‘Frozen’ Elsa Cake.

Remy’s Ratatouille

remys ratatouille

We’ve seen Ratatouille dozens of times in our house. It’s a classic. And I can’t say I’ve never thought about how to make Remy’s Ratatouille.

This recipe will help you craft this beautiful, bright, and delicious dish that would surely be approved by the toughest of French restaurant critics.

» Make Remy’s Ratatouille.

Disney Rapunzel Cupcakes

repunzel cupcakes

Rapunzel has become really popular thanks to the movie and new TV show. If you’re having a Rapunzel themed birthday party, you will love these easy Disney Rapunzel themed cupcakes.

» See the recipe for Rapunzel Cupcakes.


We really love all these fun Disney recipes to make at home! Give them a try and report back on which one you made and how it turned out. We love to read your comments.

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Disney Recipes to Make at Home
Disney Recipes to Make at Home

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